It’s Just Lunch Positive Feedback Friday!

Every week my matchmaking team meets to share stories about love connections that were made throughout the week. Sometimes we have so many stories it’s hard to pick just one. Happiness is contagious—we just can’t help ourselves but share their stories. Welcome to Feedback Friday!

Heart Hot Air Balloon

Mitch* on his date with Carol*, “Went very well!  We had quite a bit to talk about and a lot in common. We grew up close to one another so we had a long talk about that.  Her appearance was perfect!  She runs marathons!  She’s very appealing.”

Travis* on his date was Maria*, “It went really well!  It was the best date so far!  We ate, we each had a couple glasses of wine, and split a cheese plate.  We spent 4 hours together – the time FLEW by. I plan to see her again!”

*Names have been changed

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