Hot Date Ideas for Cool Fall Weather



Fall is a great time to start going on fun and festive dates. Every date you go on does not have to be a sit down dinner at a restaurant – get outside and explore your city, go on a walk or do something active together. This is a great way to get to know your date or significant other a little bit better and try some new things. Here are some of our favorite fall date ideas to try this season.

Go on a Walk

Not only is this a healthy date idea, this is a perfect excuse to look at the gorgeous fall trees and get in touch with your city. Fall is so beautiful, why not get out there and enjoy it? Find a lake to walk around, or a path to take a bike ride; you could even stop and get a cup of coffee on the way. Start the day off with no plans and make some as you go. Finding that spontaneity in your partner is such a great way to get to know each other a little better and have a fun day.

Bake Together

Staying inside and making some classic fall-time treats is a perfect way to snuggle up to your S/O and have fun in the kitchen. Sometimes staying in and cooking or baking together can be way more intimate than going out to eat. This enables you and your partner to have more freedom in the kitchen and practice working together as a team. Once your delicious treat is ready, the two of you can curl up on the couch and watch a fun holiday movie together and enjoy what you just made. Cool weather brings out nesting instincts, use them to your advantage!

Go to an Apple Orchard

There’s nothing more satisfying than eating a delicious seasonal apple and going on a chilly hayride with your partner. You could even make this into a double date and invite some friends to join you. Pick some apples, try some pumpkin bread, and spend some quality time with your S/O. Fall only comes once a year, you might as well make the most of it.

Get Outdoorsy

Going canoeing or hiking with your significant other is a great idea if you want to try something new. Getting outside before it gets too cold is a great way to enjoy this nice weather as well. Get all cozied up and find a nice spot to go paddling. This could be an utter fail, or it could be an awesome opportunity to get to know your partner better!

Go on a Picnic!

This doesn’t have to a boring or ordinary picnic, this could be a more upscale and gourmet with wine, cheese and chocolate, or whatever you two want to bring! Bring a soft blanket, and take a day to have a lunch picnic or find a warmer evening for a dinner picnic. Find a nice park to set up camp, and enjoy some finger food while watching the sun set. This is both fun and romantic, and will help change it up from your typical date night.

Take a Road Trip

This can be spontaneous and exciting. You could plan a road trip, or you could just get in the car and go on a weekend getaway. There are so many exciting nooks and crannies around your city that you two probably aren’t aware of, and this is a great way to explore while spending some quality time with your sweetheart. If this is too spontaneous and stressful for you that’s okay, planning this out a little more may eliminate some stress while still being enjoyable. Make a reservation at a quaint bed and breakfast, or rent a cabin for the weekend. Sometimes life gets so overwhelming; taking a minute to step back and get away with someone you care about could be just what you need.

Happy Fall Dating!


Written by Madison, an IJL Team Member.

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