First Date Fails Brought to you by It’s Just Lunch

FirstDateFailsI am sure most of us have watched enough romantic comedies or reality TV shows to let our imaginations run wild when it comes to first date fails. Just last weekend, I turned on the TV to find one of my favorite rom-coms replaying for probably the hundredth time. If you haven’t seen Hitch, I will give you a quick recap of a true first date fail. Will Smith, the confident smooth-talker, pursues Eva Mendes until she reluctantly agrees to go out with him. To make a long story short, they spend their day on the Hudson, jet skiing. He gives her a bruised nose, and he has a horrible allergic reaction. It’s safe to say this would be at the top of the list for first date fails! Spoiler alert: they end up falling in love!

All things considered, first dates can be great and others can be terrible. Not all first date fails will be as colorful as the one I recapped above; however, in no case do we want to see ourselves on a first date that ends in disaster! What’s important is how we approach each date and its outcome.

The ladies and I at It’s Just Lunch compiled a collection of our own first date fails, along with tips of how to recover or avoid them altogether. After all, just because the first date fails, doesn’t mean you should give up on your date. In some scenarios, giving him/her a second chance could result in a meaningful and lasting relationship.

First Date Fail #1 “We made plans to see a movie I was dying to see! He picked me up and brought me to a comedy club instead, without even telling me or considering that I was really excited to see the movie. Even worse, I hate comedy clubs!”

Sometimes an element of surprise is great. However, if you have already set plans, consider your date before deciding to change those plans. It’ll show you respect their opinion.

First Date Fail #2 “We had dinner at a nice restaurant. I wore a dress and high heels—I wanted to make a great first impression! He showed up in sweatpants.”

Dress codes can be tricky because there are so many different ideas of what is acceptable to wear on a first date. Always wear something that makes you look and feel your best. It’s important to put your best foot forward!

First Date Fail #3 “We were on our first date and one of the first questions he asked me: What’s your BMI?”

Some topics and questions should be avoided altogether on a first date! Stay away from questions that are too personal.

First Date Fail #4 “He invited me over to his house for dinner. When I arrived (on time) he had already eaten and had my meal sitting on the table waiting for me!”

To avoid a first date fail, respect your date and treat him/her as you would want to be treated. Also, dates are meant to further your connection, it’s important that you share that experience together, whatever it may be.

First Date Fail #5 “He used his last name, and called me Mrs. It was way too soon to bring that up…even if he was joking!”

In order to avoid a first date fail, seek balance! Don’t push too far or share too much on a first date.

First Date Fail #6 “As I walked into the restaurant for a blind date, the handsome man sitting at the bar smiled and held eye contact with me, as I was heading towards him, my real and not as attractive date intercepted…”

You never know what is going to happen on a blind date, even if there isn’t an instant attraction, give your date a chance! You never know what might happen.

First Date Fail #7 “I think he was either really nervous or trying to show off… he drank way too much and made a fool of himself!”

Sticking with a one or two drink maximum on a first date is a great way to ensure you stay on your A game!

First Date Fail #8 “I met a guy, we exchanged numbers and started texting. Not long after meeting, we planned our first date. On that date I discovered he recently took two of my friends out as well.”

Sometimes, it just isn’t meant to be! If you are upfront with your intentions, it will filter out those who aren’t serious about dating or getting into a relationship.

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