It’s Just Lunch Minneapolis – Positive Feedback Friday!


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Every single day our team hears dozens of positive feedback stories – sometimes way too many to share with everyone. Here is a highlight of some of our favorite feedback from this month! “WOW!! How perfect! Absolutely gorgeous lady, well … Continue reading

The Landscape of Modern Dating – What are the rules?


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In the age of modern technology, dating etiquette is constantly changing. Texting and social media present challenges for the best ways to meet, interact and communicate with potential love interests. There are many dos and don’ts of modern dating—finding the … Continue reading

Technology Ruins Dating – Take an ‘Old-School’ Approach to Find Real Love


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By: Cassi Rosso Dating isn’t what it used to be.  Instead of a guy asking permission to date a man’s daughter or courting like dating had been years ago; the new way to meet people is at the touch of … Continue reading

It’s Just Lunch Date Ideas for Every Day in November


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Our “Date Ideas for Every Day in November” series is coming to an end, but the ideas are as good as ever! Here are our matchmakers ideas this week: Go on a self-guided coffee tour to find your cities best … Continue reading

Ghosting: A Modern Dating Dilemma


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Ghosting: the new annoying trend in dating. Everyone classifies ghosting a little differently, but in a nutshell ghosting is when you’ve been out on multiple dates  with someone and you’re having a fantastic time – you might even have entered … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Disaster? Overcome it in 2 Easy Steps


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Valentine’s Day is a day associated with flowers, chocolates, and over-the-top romantic gestures. No matter how hard you try, you can’t help but create big expecations for the day. Even worse, when your plans fall short and reality doesn’t match … Continue reading

Eye Contact in Dating

For many professional singles, eye contact is a critical aspect of building connections with others for dating and for networking. However, the invention of smartphones seems to have created a worldwide epidemic resulting in the decline of eye contact among professional singles all over the world. Could you be sending your date the wrong message through your eye contact?

In the case of eye contact in dating, too much can come off as slightly aggressive and even intimidating, while too little can be portrayed as a lack of interested in the person trying to communicate with you. Unfortunately, many professional singles are unaware of the message they may be sending through their eye contact. Shy singles, for instance, tend to glance around a lot and avoid eye contact because it makes them uncomfortably nervous talking to someone they are super interested in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, confident singles can sometimes overdo the eye contact when they are really interested in someone but end up sending a creepy vibe to the recipient of their eye flirting.

If you want send the right message with your eye contact, the right amount of eye contact to make would be about 5-7 seconds before looking away. It’s important to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation because it shows that you are listening and that you are present with them as opposed to thinking about something else or tuning them out completely. After about 5-7 seconds of eye contact, that’s when you start to feel like you may be staring. At that point, shift your eye contact to a nearby facial feature as a focal point. A popular place to divert eye contact without looking away is the space between their eyes right above the nose near the middle of the forehead. Another place to look is the lips. The lips are especially great place to look to indicate some level of attraction and build chemistry.

“Real Relationships Need To Be In Person”

This past week, millions of Americans were introduced to the term “catfishing”, where someone is drawn into a fake relationship. Notre Dame linebacker, Manti Te’o is the center of a juicy scandal-a hoax that involves a dead girlfriend and a fake romance. If you haven’t read the story, click here for Deadspin’s full article.

Fox News stopped by our office yesterday and interviewed Stephanie on her thoughts. “Real relationships need to be in person. You need to meet in person instead of hiding behind a computer or text messages or Twitter or Facebook”, she said. To catch Stephanie in the Fox News clip, click here.


Has Technology Ruined Dating?

We came across this recent article by Forbes blogger, Kashmir Hill on how technology affects dating. She took recent articles posted in this month’s Atlantic and New York Times and gave readers five reasons on why your smartphone and Facebook allegedly has ruined dating. Below is our Top 2 from her list:

1.) Too much texting, not enough dates. “Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret,” a 30-year-old woman tells the New York Times after she put on her favorite pair of skinny jeans for a date that never happened. According to the Times, rather than doing a dinner and a movie, most daters now instead exchange “phone texts, Facebook posts, instant messages.” Emoticon flirting is the new first date.

2.) Facebook has ruined the first date. We’ve Facebook-stalked ourselves out of small talk. “Online research makes the first date feel unnecessary, because it creates a false sense of intimacy,” says the author of the ‘Hookup Handbook” to the Times. Sadly, asking someone to name their favorite TV shows is no longer stimulating conversation for the first date. What a shame.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

We’re interested for your thoughts on dating and technology! To weigh in on our latest survey, click here.

Social Media Etiquette On A Date

You’ve been there. Meeting someone new for the first time and even before you can sit down at the table…You spot it. The Third Wheel that brings a big fat rain cloud all over your Happy Hour. The cell phone. Doesn’t matter if it’s the latest, prettiest, most polite, speaking better grammar at you than your professors. It’s still got the capability of crashing the potential of a first date.

Why have we become so obsessed with our phones, especially with social media, that we’ve forgotten the importance of real, live, connections? It seems to be an epidemic no matter what age you are. You know what your dorm-mate from undergrad ate for breakfast this morning, but the name of your date across the table is a little foggy.

We at It’s Just Lunch® were fascinated by this phenomenon, and conducted a survey of men and women to find out how folks felt about social media etiquette on a date and it’s presence at the table.

The response was overwhelming in favor of pocketing social media on a date.

89.7% of men said that it was “rude” and they never check and 91.3% of women agreed.

Only 5.5% of men, and 4.9% of women said they would check, if their date was checking too.

So daters…remember to keep your cell phone tucked away and enjoy the date! You can post about it on facebook later. :)